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Enhance Mental Health With Law Of Attraction
One of the most obvious, yet under-recognised factors in the development of major trends in mental health is the role of nutrition. The body of evidence linking diet and mental health is growing at a rapid pace. As well as its impact on short and long-term mental health, the evidence indicates that food plays an important contributing role in the development, management and prevention of specific mental health problems such as depression, schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and Alzheimer’s disease.

You’ve probably heard the saying “You are what you eat” and while this saying usually refers to your body (since food is what helps our bodies grow strong) it can also refer to your mental health. Time and time and again, studies have shown that good nutrition is necessary to good mental health. For example, if you want to increase your memory, studies have shown that certain foods can act as a memory booster, like ginseng, blackberries and spinach.

There are a number of mental health conditions that might be affected by certain dietary factors. Nutrition is perhaps one of the most under-recognized factors in development of the mind. Each year, we learn more and more about the link between good nutrition and good mental health, both on short-term and long-term effects on the mind. The evidence shows us that food contributes to the development and management of mental health, as well as helps prevent certain problems, from depression to Alzheimer’s disease.
For example, a recent British study found that 2/3 of people who do not have mental health problems eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit every day. On the other hand, about more than ½ of people who do have mental health problems do not consume vegetables and fruits regularly. If you’re skeptical, let’s look at the role of good nutrition in connection to certain mental health problems.
Alzheimer’s disease
Forgetfulness and memory loss is perhaps the most marked symptoms of this disease. Those who may forget a thing or two might just need a memory booster, but those who have Alzheimer’s in their family have a higher chance of getting it when they get older. However, there are some foods that have been shown to increase the chances of getting this disease.
There are some foods that can slow down Alzheimer’s, but certain foods can actually prevent it. For example, eating a lot of vegetables can help be a memory booster for regular people, but those who actually have history of Alzheimer’s disease in their family should eat a lot of vegetables to prevent it. On the other hand, eating a lot of unsaturated fat can actually increase the chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease.
Several studies have linked certain types of nutrients with those people who have depression. Studies of populations across the world have found that countries that don’t eat a lot of fish have higher incidences of depression than those who do. There are also certain types of foods (like folic acid, omega03 fatty acids and selenium) that have been proven to decrease the symptoms of depression. Low levels of vitamins C, B1, B2, and zinc have also been found in those who suffer from depression.
Overall, following a balanced healthy diet that’s composed mostly of vegetables and fruits, some protein and carbohydrates and very little fat and sugar is not only good for your body, but for your mind too. If you are prone to certain mental diseases, then you should consult your physician as to what you can do to prevent or slow down the signs, whether it’s medication, exercises, or eating certain foods.

Finally while a healthy nutritional diet can help recovery, it should run alongside other treatments recommended by your doctor.

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Back pain is very common especially for people over the age of mid 30 years old. Causes of this ranges from being overweightsmoking, or genetics. Bad posture is also one of the solicitors that may cause back pain later on. Therapy to ease and cure back pains is a little expensive.

Back pain can be prevented. Continuous exercise, weight management, proper posture can prevent back pains. Bending the knees and keeping the back straight while lifting heavy objects is advised. There are other reasons why a person experiences back pains, some are connected to diseases or conditions like kidney stones, arthritis, and scoliosis. Back pain can be treated by taking medications, exercise, change in lifestyle, hot and cold compresses, injections, and sometimes, alternative medicines.

Enhance Your Body Through Positive Mind
Back Pain Home Remedy

Some people resort to alternative medicines like acupuncture and acupressure. Acupuncture is a Chinese practice that uses thin needles, punctured on strategic nerve points, that helps soothe the pain and ultimately heals the patient. It has been known to cure back pains. Acupressure is a practice that applies pressure on certain parts of the body to ease the pain, though there are no studies that indicate that it can cure back pain.

Lower Back Pain 

However if the pain is at the Lower back, it may be due to another symptom called  lumbago. This is not a disorder but a symptom of several different types of medical problems. It usually results from a problem with one or more parts of the lower back, such as:

·         ligaments, Muscles, Nerves or The bony structures that make up the spine, called vertebral bodies or vertebrae

It can also be due to a problem with nearby organs, such as the kidneys.

There are many other potential causes of back pain, but most of these are rare. Be sure to see your doctor if you experience regular back pain that does not go away. After ruling out the more common causes of back pain, your doctor will perform tests to determine if you have other more rare cause. These can include:
  •     narrowing of the spinal canal, or spinal stenosis
  •     displacement of one vertebral body onto another, called degenerative spondylolisthesis
  •     loss of nerve function at the lower spinal cord, called cauda equine syndrome (a medical             emergency)
  •     fungal or bacterial infection of the spine, such as StaphylococcusE. coli, or tuberculosis
  •     cancer or nonmalignant tumor in the spine
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Having a healthy brain is important for all of us. In order for us to contribute adept skills into our daily lives, we should think about how to increasing our mental energy as this will advance the thinking potential while becoming a more well-rounded person. If you would like to improve your overall mental health, then listed below are 8 ways you can boost your mental energy:

1. Exercise

In order to  enhance the blood flowing into your brain, you should move around more. Whether it be from aerobics to cardio to a simple outdoor jogging, once your body is moving, your brain will be stimulated for greater activities. Exercising will also increase the oxygen flow to the brain, which helps prevent memory loss common in Alzheimer’s or dementia. By exercising regularly, neurotransmitters known as endorphins are released which can help reduce stress and levels of anxiety, and enhance your mood.

2. Spend time with amazing people who are close to you

In our world of constant work, school, and other material demands, we often forget to appreciate the wonderful people in our lives. If you want to keep your brain healthy, then spend time with loved ones and individuals who have deep insight into life. Studies show that a strong support system and meaningful relationships are important for the health of the brain. Having a socially active life can help slow the rate of memory decline.

Mind Booster with Law Of Attraction
3. Read something that you have never read before

Reading is an effective way to strengthen your higher-order thinking skills. Research has shown that reading a novel can enhance the brain’s neuron connections and improve the overall function of the brain. It was also revealed that reading strengthens the ability to empathize, and stimulates the imagination in a way that the reader was actually watching a movie. It is especially important to read about topics or genres that you have never really exposed yourself to before. This will help diversify your creative thinking abilities and it will also increase the neuronal connections in your brain due to brain plasticity and cognition.

4. Clear your mind from all negative thoughts

Many times, you feel drained and depressed because of all the pressing stressors that are rampant in your life. In order to have a sound mental state, try your best to erase all of the negative ideas that enter into your mind.

5. Do things that you are passionate about

Get involved in activities that you never had the chance to do but always wanted to perform. Outdoor activities, sports, painting, watching operas, and more all help to foster creativity skills in the brain and contribute to a healthy mind. Opening up yourself to new experiences will stimulate your brain in a way that can help it adapt to new environments. Also, diversifying the activities you engage in will help sharpen your brain wave patterns. Some suggested activities include drawing, calligraphy, rafting, hiking, gardening, and more!

6. Meditate

An easy definition of meditation is to be present in the world around you – to be conscious of what is going on by keeping your mind and breath steady. Many people find meditation to be helpful in coping with real-world situations and staying focused on difficult tasks. The benefits of meditation include enhancing neuroplasticity of neurons in your brain, boosting your immune system, and increasing the activity of your hippocampus and amygdala, which regulates your emotions.

7. Make sure to consume an adequate amount of water daily

Drinking water is the solution to almost all health issues. Increased intake of water will keep you hydrated during the day and therefore rejuvenate a lethargic brain. The cells of the brain require twice as much energy than other cells of the body and water is the most effective provider of this energy. When the brain has an adequate supply of water, you will think faster and be more focused, and have greater creativity and clarity.
Medical professionals suggest that the average human should be consuming about 8 glasses of water or 4 plastic bottles of water. Lack of water to the brain can cause numerous problems associated with focus, memory, and brain fatigue, as well as sleep issues, headaches, depression, anger, and more.

8. Get decent sleep

You must get enough amount of sleep if you want to maintain a healthy brain. To avoid sleep deprivation, the average person needs 7 to 8.5 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep can compromise critical thinking skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities.

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People who are on heavy alcohol consumption are at risk of liver problems like alcoholic liver disease. However, people who don’t drink a lot of alcohol are also at risk of the liver disease called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). If you are from Singapore, you will read that the Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is on the rise and one of our member of Parliament MP was also recently been afected by this. 

The condition often ranges in severity. When there is inflammation of the liver, it is known as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). This stage is serious where things may advance to cirrhosis and end-stage liver disease.

NAFLD is thought to affect close to 20% of the population in US and developed Asean countries is not far behind. NAFLD occurs when fat is deposited in the liver, and this case the problem is not from alcohol. Others NAFLD causes include insulin resistance or diabetes, high cholesterol, viral hepatitis, malnutrition, rapid weight loss, and certain medications such as corticosteroids, aspirin, amiodarone, diltiazem, tetracycline, or antiviral drugs.

The goal in the treatment of NAFLD or NASH is to eliminate potential causes or risk factors of the problem. For instance, stopping certain drug treatments, losing weight, and controlling diabetes are the most common ways to treat non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Home remedies are proven to be effective for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and below are the most common non-alcoholic fatty liver disease natural remedies:

Please Tell me Detailed Solution Of Home Remedies
1. Exercise
Weight loss is considered the most effective approach in the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. In a systematic review published in the Journal of Hepatology in 2012, the researchers found that exercise is a valid, low-cost therapy for NAFLD. A minimum of 40 minutes of moderate to intense aerobic exercise for five days weekly can help benefit NAFLD patients. Exercise will help balance enzyme values and improve the quality of liver in those with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

2. Low-glycemic diet
The elimination of high-glycemic-index (GI) foods is vital for the prevention and treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. High GI foods that increase blood sugar levels include potatoes, watermelon, brown rice, and processed foods like chocolate bars, sweetened cereals, and beer. It is best to consume foods with a low GI of 55 or less such as eggs, onions, legumes, garlic, apples, pears, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, artichokes, and green leafy vegetables.

3. Milk thistle
Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is considered the top herbal remedy to improve liver function and treat and prevent NAFLD. The flavonoids in milk thistle can effectively protect one from liver damage. The flavonoids also help enhance the detoxification process, including increasing the glutathione in the liver.

Glutathione is a key component for low liver function in NAFLD patients. Evidence also suggests that milk thistle is useful for other liver-related diseases such as alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis, viral hepatitis, and chemical toxicity. The recommended intake is 900 milligrams of milk thistle twice daily with meals and this can be consumed through good supplement with Mile Thistle in the retail store.

4. Dandelion
Dandelion leaf or root (Taraxacum officinale) is often used to promote proper liver function as an effective cleansing herb for NAFLD. Dandelion will detoxify and metabolize fat that accumulates in the liver. A study published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology found that dandelion leaf extract can help prevent and treat obesity-related NAFLD. The dandelion leaf extract significantly suppressed fat accumulation in the liver and lowered insulin resistance.

Enjoy dandelion root tea to obtain the full effects of fatty liver disease. Add a teaspoon of dried dandelion root to a cup of boiling hot water. Next, cover and steep for up to 10 minutes. Strain the decoction. It is recommended to drink three cups of the tea each day over a three-week period.

5. Amla or Indian gooseberry
Indian gooseberry (Emblica officinalis) is a rejuvenative herb used heavily in Ayurvedic medicine for treating diabetes and fatty liver disease. It is also called amla or amalaki fruit. It contains important antioxidants that help with liver function, including vitamin C, ellagic acid, gallic acid, gallotanin, and corilagin. Studies have also linked amla with hepatotoxin-induced liver inflammation, which is a sign of NASH.

6. Licorice root
Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) is another excellent remedy for NAFLD, which is also used in Ayurvedic medicine. In a double-blind, randomized study published in the journal Phytotherapy Research in 2012, licorice root extract significantly reduced liver enzymes in 66 patients with NAFLD. To make licorice root tea, simply pour boiling water over a teaspoon of licorice root powder, and let it steep for abo  ut 10 minutes. Let it strain, and enjoy the tea. It is a good idea to consume the licorice root tea once or twice daily.

Tips to Prevent Liver Disease

The following are some tips to help you prevent liver disease, as well as precautions to take if you have had a liver transplant:
a.  Avoid all processed foods: Avoid processed foods and ingredients like high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) or corn syrup. HFCS will produce uric acid that causes gout, increases blood pressure, and lead to liver damage. Genetic modified foods like corn will destroy good gut bacteria, and interfere with digestion. This process makes the liver work harder.
b. Restrict your intake of saturated fat: A whole foods and nutrient-dense diet will help prevent liver disease and improve immunity.
c. Avoid harmful drugs: Large quantities of acetaminophen (Tylenol) are considered a harmful drug for the liver.
d. Avoid drinking alcohol: Even when your fatty liver disease is the non-alcoholic variety, it is best to avoid drinking alcohol altogether. Be aware that alcohol is found in some cough syrups and other drugs.
e. Avoid receiving live virus vaccines: Liver transplant recipients should not receive live virus vaccines.
f. Undergo liver enzyme tests: If you have fatty liver disease it is a good idea to undergo liver enzyme tests.
g Pregnancy precaution: Women with a liver transplant should avoid pregnancy for at least a year after the transplantation. After they do give birth, they should avoid breastfeeding because of the potential risk of the baby to immunosuppressive medicines in the milk.

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Gout is an intricate type of arthritis categorized by very sudden and severe bouts of redness, tenderness, as well as pain in joints, especially the joint which is at the point on the foot where the large toe begins. 

This attack normally occurs when uric acid are buildup in the joints.

Gout may affect anyone whether you are male and female. Males are somewhat more probable to have gout but females are increasingly vulnerable to developing gout after menopause.

The usual acute bout of gout may wake the individual in the night with the sensation of the big toe being set on fire. The joint which is affected is swollen, hot and so very tender that a bed sheet’s weight on the toe can be almost unbearable.

However Gout is correctable, and there are also methods to decrease the threat of gout recurring.

Gout Symptoms

The symptoms and signs of an attack of gout are usually serious, taking place very suddenly – regularly at night – and lacking any warning. These symptoms include:

·         Joint pain that is intense  in the big joint of the large toe  or in ankles, feet, knees, wrists and hands.

·         Redness and inflammation affecting joint

·         Discomfort which is lingering at some joints which last from several days to several weeks.

If an individual experiences intense, sudden pain in a joint, the primary care physician should be called. Gout which it not treated can cause worsening pain as well as joint damage.

If the individual also has fever as well as a joint which is inflamed and hot, these are signs of an infection and medical care should be sought immediately.

Gout Causes

Gout happens because of a buildup of urate crystals around the joint, and causes inflammation as well as the extreme pain of an attack of gout. Urate crystals form because there are high points of uric acid in the blood. The human body creates uric acid when it breaks down purines – substances which are found in the body naturally – as well as in definite foods such as organ meats, anchovies, herring, mushrooms and asparagus.

Usually, uric acid will just dissolve in the blood and pass thru the kidneys into the urine. But there are times when the body either creates too much uric acid or the kidneys expel too little uric acid. Whenever this occurs, uric acid accumulates, creating needle-like, sharp urate crystals in a joint or the tissue surrounding the joint and causes swelling, inflammation, and of course, intense pain.

An individual is most likely to have gout when they have high levels of uric acid in the body. 

Gout Treatment

Unless gout has affected your quality of life, I would suggest that you look into your daily diet with good supplement that you can get from phamarcy  to mitigate the problem. Else you will need to consult doctor which will likely to order lab work to aid in making the diagnosis of gout and these tests can include:

Fluid in joint
The physician will draw fluid using a needle from the joint which is affected. It will be observed under a microscope where the joint fluid can expose urate crystals.

Blood test
The physician may also suggest a blood test to measure the level of uric acid in the blood. Blood test results can often be misleading. Some individuals have high uric acid levels but never suffer with gout. And other individuals have symptoms and signs of gout, but do not have an unusual level in the blood of uric acid.

Gout treatment that are serious normally includes drugs. What medicines that will be used are based on the individual’s health as well as individual preferences.

Different drugs are recommended to:

·         Treat serious bouts of gout as well as avert attacks in the future.
·         Decrease any danger of complications from gout, for instants the urate crystals deposits which causes nodes to develop beneath the skin.

Drugs to manage attacks which are acute and avoid any attacks in the future consist of:
  •          NSAID’s
  •          Colchicine
  •          Corticosteroids
  •          Drugs that block the production of uric acid
  •          Drugs that increase the removal of uric acid

Do remember that you need to consult your doctors for details and treatment on the use of various drugs.

How I Manage My Stubborn Fat Within 3 Weeks

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Anyone heard of Hyperthyroidism?

It is a symptom arising due to the thyroid gland producing too much of thyroid hormones, resulting a hyperactive metabolic body. In a nutshell, the body just burn and burn and burn. This increase in internal burning process puts tremendous pressure on all major organs.

Just imagine, you don't need to exercise to burn fat. No matter what you eat you won't gain weight. This is because the body metabolism is all time high. And because the body doesn't have a chance to rest, there is a possibility of major organs having burnt-out.

Hyperthyroid patient must really rest. Not just rest, but rest as much as possible.

It usually happens on people who constantly live under pressure and lots of stress. Because of this, the thyroid hormone has been supporting the body under this condition to the extent, it lost its control and thyroid imbalance happens. Either hyper or hypo.

Here are some recommendations or you can consult your family doctor:

1) Take Supplements
You can consume after food/meal: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

B-complex, Bio-C, Lecithin E, Fish Oil or Salmon Omega and Protein Powder

If cannot sleep, take 2 tablets of passion flower and 1 calcium before sleep.

2) Eats plenty of fresh food, especially fruits and vegetables. no milk related food. Avoid all forms of fluid that will affect the hormone. Drinks such as tea and coffee must be avoided.

I do not recommend any forms of sugery. Rest rest rest.

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There are many ways to loose weight fast. We all know that cold can help to burn calories, but no one wants to freeze just to ditch their muffin top. 
Also this method will likely make you hungry and unsatisfied. If you don’t have iron willpower, then hunger will cause you to give up on these plans quickly.

Alternatively, a better and long-lasting plan outlined here should help you:
  • Reduce your appetite significantly.
  • Make you lose weight quickly, without hunger.
  • Improve your metabolic health at the same time.

Find Out My 3 Weeks Diet Plan
Here is a simple 3-step plan to lose weight fast.

1. Cut Back on Sugars and Starches. 

The most important part is to cut back on sugars and starches (carbs).
These are the foods that stimulate secretion of insulin the most. If you didn’t know already, insulin is the main fat storage hormone in the body.
When insulin goes down, fat has an easier time getting out of the fat stores and the body starts burning fats instead of carbs.

Another benefit of lowering insulin is that your kidneys shed excess sodium and water out of your body, which reduces bloat and unnecessary water weight.
It is not uncommon to lose up to 10 pounds (sometimes more) in the first week of eating this way, both body fat and water weight.

2. Eat Protein, Fat and Vegetables.

Each one of your meals should include a protein source, a fat source and low-carb vegetables. Constructing your meals in this way will automatically bring your carb intake into the recommended range of 20-50 grams per day.

Protein Sources:
  • Meat – Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, bacon, etc.
  • Fish and Seafood – Salmon, trout, shrimps, lobsters, etc.
  • Eggs – Omega-3 enriched or pastured eggs are best.
The importance of eating plenty of protein can not be overstated.

3. Lift Weights 3 Times Per Week

You don’t need to exercise to lose weight on this plan, but it is recommended.
The best option is to go to the gym 3-4 times a week. Do a warm up, lift weights, then stretch.

If you’re new to the gym, ask a trainer for some advice.
By lifting weights, you will burn a few calories and prevent your metabolism from slowing down, which is a common side effect of losing weight.

Studies on low-carb diets show that you can even gain a bit of muscle while losing significant amounts of body fat.

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The Coconut Oil Secret Exposed
What affects health or nutrients deficiency?
  1. Irregular meals intake. Didn't take or skip breakfast. Eat or take power breakfast.
  2. Not eating. Not eating will only affect our health but will lead to other serious health issues.
  3. Smoking is bad for health. It is cancer causing.
  4. Alcohols destroy Liver. Don't drink too much. Be moderate about drinking.
  5. Coffee and tea contains caffeine. It drains nutrients.
  6. Medications. Toxic and has side effects. For a child less than 7 years old, a small pill may stop him from growing for 7 days. For an adult, a small pill will drain your body of vitamin C for 3 weeks.
  7. Too much of exercise is also bad for health. It drains a lot of nutrients. If we don't replenish, it will affect health.
  8. Food intake and bad habits. Avoid food that are BBQ, smoke, deep fried or stir fry. Steam is good. Cold dishes or salad are good too.
What are rubbish food?
  • No fibre
  • No vitamins
  • No minerals
  • No proteins
  • Rich in sugar
  • Rich in Saturated fats

Why avoid deep fried food? - Have you eaten fried fritters before? It is not easily soften. This is because it contains trans-fat. How long does it take to chew? Less than 10 seconds. Our Liver needs a whole morning to break it down. Liver has a problem of breaking down saturated fat. Fast food is rich in saturated fats. Deep fried stuffs will lead to cardiovascular problem.

Why avoid preserved food? - It lead to allergy and noise problem. It will lead to cancer and digestion problem.

Why avoid processed food? - Pink meat is highly toxic.

Why avoid preserved fruits or tibits? - It contains too much sugar, preservatives, chemicals, artificial colourings and etc.

Why avoid soft drinks? - High in sugar. If children drink it, expects them to be hyperactive.

Why avoid instant noodles? - High in preservatives.

Why avoid canned food? - High in sugar and sodium.

Why avoid dessert? - too much sugar.

Why avoid BBQ food? - High in cancer causing chemicals. Protein in BBQ food is not easily broken down by body.

If we eat toxins, we must know how to neutralize it. We have to eat less of it. If we eat, we must learn how to neutralize it asap.

Nutrients and Human body. What's the connection?

Body is made up of different system:
  1. Respiratory system
  2. Digestive system
  3. Reproductive system
  4. Immune system
  5. Cardiovascular system
  6. Urinary system
  7. Circulatory system
  8. Endocrine system
  9. Lymphatic system
  10. Nervous system
  11. Muscular system
  12. Skeletal system
  13. Integumentary system

Each system is made up of different organs and each different organs are made up of different cells.
Since human body is made up of different cells, what do cells depend? Medicines or nutrients to grow and develop? If your answer is nutrients, why do you take medicines whenever you are sick? Which is better? Food is a better medicine or taking medication is better?

We must respect doctors for what they do. However, we need to understand there illness that doctors cannot cure. There are two types of illness. Acute and chronic. Acute conditions require immediate attentions. If it is chronic, doctors may not be the right choice. Usually, they have 4 methods to curing chronic illness. Injection, taking medications, dripping and surgery. Their last resort is to remove. However, removal is not the best choice. It will lead to more problem. The best solution to chronic illness is through food. How do we do it? 30% treatment, 70% maintenance. Lastly, it is all about yourself.

Using food to treat doesn't mean you have to use supplements.

There is a principle about using food as medicines.
  1. A well-balanced diet
  2. A well-balanced intake of supplements
  3. A well-balanced life style
Then, food as medicine will work at its best.
  1. Laughter is the best medicine
  2. Stop or reduce smoking and drinking
  3. Always exercise. It will improve blood flow and memory
  4. Sleep early and wake up early
A well-balanced diet means avoid 3 white and take 3 black.
Avoid all white sugar, salt and MSG. Take all black fungus, sesame and beans.

Remember this, whatever you eat a lot today, reduce it. Whatever you don't eat today, eat a lot of it. It does not mean you can start eating rubbish food. It simply means whatever nutritious food that you have not been eating today, start eating lots of it. Whatever rubbish food that you have been eating today, stop or eat less of it.

Eat lots of colours. All kind of colourful vegetables are good for us.

Eat power breakfast, or at least a healthy breakfast.

Breakfast eat like a king.
Lunch eat like a prince.
Dinner eat like a commoner.

What is a well-balanced way of taking supplements?

There are 2 types of supplements. Natural and man-made.

A lot of people cannot differentiate between them. What are the differences?
  1. Side effects - man-made contains fillers or toxins. Long term intakes give rise to side effects but natural does not.
  2. Bio-availability - man-made is not bio-available and thus, not easily absorbed by the body as compared to natural form.
In the market, you can find man-made vitamin C easily. Those man-made vitamin C can only be absorbed by the body around 80%. Natural vitamin C can combine with the body to produce synergistic effect.

Another example is man-made vitamin C only contains ascorbic acid. Natural contains bioflavonoids and phytonutrients.

For example, when you eat orange, those you threw away contains essential nutrients that help the body to absorb the vitamin C better.

So, why take supplements? Why some people take already and then there is no effect?

  1. The main reason is because they didn't change their diet. It affects the way the vitamins work with the body
  2. Too much of rubbish food and pollution. Supplements taken are used by the body to neutralize these toxins. Nothing is left for the body to repair and grow.
  3. Unhealthy lifestyle. An unhealthy lifestyle demands a lot of nutrients to support the body.

These are the things that we have to change in order to get results.

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Naturally Occurring Bonito Peptides
And High Blood PressureHigh Blood Pressure Is a Serious Problem. Why all the hype about bonito peptides? Because there is a lot of concern about blood pressure.

High blood pressure is a serious concern in relation to heart health. It directly causes an estimated 50,000 deaths per year in the US alone. It also is a contributing factor in another 200,000 deaths.

Hypertension adds to the workload of the heart and arteries. Long-term hypertension can cause the heart and vascular system to function improperly. The results may include damage to blood vessels in the…
  • brain
  • heart
  • kidneys
Left untreated high blood pressure can lead to a number of serious consequences such as…
  • stroke
  • heart failure
  • kidney failure
  • heart attack
So What Causes High Blood Pressure? Often the cause of hypertension is unknown. There are a number of medications that are prescribed for the treatment of high blood pressure each serving a different purpose. One popular class of anti-hypertensive drugs is known as ACE inhibitors. 

ACE inhibitors get their name from the fact that they inhibit the formation of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE). Why is this so important? Because angiotensin converting enzyme is essential in converting angiotensin to its activated form called angiotensin II.

Angiotensin II is a potent vasoconstrictor meaning that it causes the blood vessels to constrict making blood flow more difficult. The result is increased blood pressure.

Angiotensin II also causes thrombosis which is an aggregation of blood platelets. It is similar to clotting. The result is often an obstruction in the blood vessels.

Other effects of angiotensin II include:
  • increased thirst sensation
  • increased desire for salt
  • increased aldosterone release (a steroid hormone that controls salt and water balance in the kidney)
Ace inhibitors are becoming a preferred treatment for hypertension because they are effective in improving heart function as well as increasing blood flow to the heart, liver and kidneys.

But ACE inhibitors do have their dark side. They can produce…
  • dry cough
  • dizziness
  • light-headedness
  • headache
  • potassium buildup
  • kidney problems

Peptides and Angiotensin Converting EnzymeA good bit of research has been done – and is being done – on the effects of certain peptides to inhibit the production of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE). 

Peptides are naturally occurring compounds composed of two or more amino acids. Many studies have indicated that peptides can inhibit the production of ACE without the side-effects that often accompany ACE inhibiting drugs.

Stop High Blood Pressure
Oral administration of peptides derived from bonito bowels decreases blood pressure. 

Some studies have shown that peptides actually do more than inhibit ACE. Scientists at the Research Institute for Food Science, Kyoto University, Uji, Kyoto, Japan suggest that peptides may also lower cholesterol. 

Their thesis was that, "Many kinds of bioactive peptides which might prevent lifestyle-related diseases are released from food proteins after enzymatic digestion." This implies that ingesting peptides may help prevent the diseases that we cause by our lifestyle choices.

The researches first concluded that two peptides in their study showed 'antihypertensive effect after oral administration'. But they went on to say...

We found that low molecular weight peptides derived from food proteins lowered serum cholesterol without increasing excretion of cholesterol and bile acids.
A Natural Approach

Fortunately many people today prefer natural methods for controlling their blood pressure. For this reason peptides derived from bonito protein are gaining in popularity as an alternative to ACE inhibiting drugs. Why? 

Because bonito peptides have ACE inhibiting characteristics without the side-effects common with ACE inhibiting medications. 

Anti-ACE bonito sourced peptides are a natural alternative to ACE inhibiting drugs. They work to relax the arterial walls and reduce fluid volume. In fact peptides exert the strongest inhibition of ACE reported for any naturally occurring substance available. 

What does this mean? It means that it is now possible for many of us to get the ACE inhibiting (blood pressure lowering) effects of ACE inhibiting drugs without the negative side-effects. That is without…
  • dry nighttime cough
  • headache
  • light-headedness
  • dizziness
  • potassium buildup
  • kidney problems
  • severe allergic reaction

Supplement Recommendations. If your doctor has prescribed ACE inhibiting drugs please don’t stop taking them. Instead add bonito sourced peptides to your regimen. As you become less dependent on the drugs your doctor will responsibly stop prescribing them. 

If your blood pressure is high and your doctor has threatened to prescribe anti-hypertension medication (especially ACE inhibitors) give natural peptides a try. They may keep you from starting drug therapy. 
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3 Weeks Diet Program For Healthy Living

Antioxidants: Aging & Oxidative Stress
In 1956, D. Harman proposed a free radical theory of aging, hypothesizing that oxygen-derived free radicals (reactive oxygen species – ROS) are generated throughout all cells and tissuesresulting in progressive, random damage to enzymes, proteins, unsaturated lipids, cell membranes, and to our genes. The end result is cell senescence. Since then, abundant experimental and observational evidence supports the idea that aging is the sum of all free radical reactions throughout all cells and tissues, or at least they are major contributors to it.

Free Radicals 
Oxygen-derived radicals (ROS) are produced in abundance in all animal cells and tissues as part of our normal metabolic processes. Fortunately, our body has numerous natural defenses to either prevent their formation or to neutralize them after they are formed. In spite of our natural defenses, it has been estimated that each human cell undergoes 10,000 “hits” by free radicals each day. Although most free radicals are potentially harmful, others are essential to many intracellular metabolic reactions. For example, they are deployed by phagocytic cells to kill ingested microorganisms.

Aging is a complex process which results from cellular, physiological, and psychological changes. While all people show a decline in metabolic activities and organ functions as they age, they exhibit declines differently and at different rates. Why? The theory goes that those who have a closer association with poor health habits, such as smoking, high consumption of alcohol, increased stress, and poor diets do not age well. 

Ideally, we should all practice preventive nutritional tactics, eating foods which have minimal processing such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, non-fat dairy products, lean meats, and lots of fishTaking multi-vitamins and mineral supplements in moderate doses can also be beneficial, and there is a lot of talk around the power of antioxidants.

Antioxidant Supplementation
There is evidence showing that antioxidants can potentially delay the aging process, and also protect against the development of age-related diseases. 

In a study of centenarians, the plasma levels of vitamins C and E were higher compared to subjects 70-99 years old. Another study evaluated the maximal life-span potential of humans as well as other mammalian species. The authors suggested that carotenoid content of serum and brain tissue may be the most significant factor in determining life span, and there is a link between longevity, antioxidant concentration, and protection against free radical damage.
                                                                                                                                                       i) What is beta-carotene (Vitamin A)?
Beta-carotene is probably the most well known of the carotenoids, a phytonutrients family that represents of the one most widespread groups of naturally occurring pigments. It is one of the most abundant carotenoids in the North American diet as well as one of approximately 50 carotenoids known as "provitamin A"compounds, able to be converted in the body into retinol, an active form of vitamin A.
While beta-carotene produces colors in the orange and yellow range, beta-carotene rich foods may be other colors besides from these two. That is because other phytonutrients pigments blend together with the beta-carotene to give the plant food its unique hue that, in addition to orange or yellow, could be other colors including pink, red or white.
How it Functions
What are the functions of beta-carotene?
Preventing Vitamin A Deficiency
Until late in the 20th Century, the functions of carotenoids, including beta-carotene, were discussed only in terms of their potential vitamin A activity. Beta-carotene is one of approximately 50 carotenoids of the known 600, that are called "provitamin A" compounds because the body can convert them into retinol, an active form of vitamin A.
As a result, foods that contain beta-carotene can help prevent vitamin A deficiency. In addition to alpha-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin, beta-carotene is among the most commonly consumed provitamin A carotenoids in the North American diet.

ii) What is vitamin C?
Because of its widespread use as a dietary supplement, vitamin C may be more familiar to the general public than any other nutrient. Studies indicate that more than 40% of older individuals in the U.S. take vitamin C supplements; and in some regions of the country, almost 25% of all adults, regardless of age, take vitamin C. Outside of a multivitamin, vitamin C is also the most popular supplement among some groups of registered dietitians, and 80% of the dietitians who take vitamin C take more than 250 milligrams. Why is this nutrient so popular?
Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble nutrient that is easily excreted from the body when not needed. It's so critical to living creatures that almost all mammals can use their own cells to make itHumans, gorillas, chimps, bats, guinea pigs and birds are some of the few animals that cannot make vitamin C inside of their own bodies.
Humans vary greatly in their vitamin C requirement. It's natural for one person to need 10 times as much vitamin C as another person; and a person's age and health status can dramatically change his or her need for vitamin C. The amount of vitamin C found in food varies as dramatically as our human requirement. In general, an unripe food is much lower in vitamin C than a ripe one, but provided that the food is ripe, the vitamin C content is higher when the food is younger at the time of harvest.

How it Functions
What is the function of vitamin C?
Vitamin C serves a predominantly protective role in the body. As early as the 1700's, vitamin C was referred to as the "antiscorbutic factor," since it helped prevent the disease called scurvy. This disease was first discovered in British sailors, whose sea voyages left them far away from natural surroundings for long periods of time. Their body stores of vitamin C fell below 300 milligrams, and their gums and skin lost the protective effects of vitamin C. Recognizing limes as a good shipboard source of vitamin C, the British sailors became known as "limeys" for carrying large stores of limes aboard ship.
The protective role of vitamin C goes far beyond our skin and gums. Cardiovascular diseases, cancers, joint diseases and cataracts are all associated with vitamin C deficiency and can be partly prevented by optimal intake of vitamin C. Vitamin C achieves much of its protective effect by functioning as an antioxidant and preventing oxygen-based damage to our cells. Structures that contain fat (like the lipoprotein molecules that carry fat around our body) are particularly dependent on vitamin C for protection.

iii) What is vitamin E?
Even though its name makes it sound like a single substance, vitamin E is actually a family of fat-soluble vitamins that are active throughout the body. Some members of the vitamin E family are called tocopherols. These members include alpha tocopherol, beta tocopherol, gamma tocopherol, and delta tocopherol.
Other members of the vitamin E family are called tocotrienols. These members include alpha, beta, gamma, and delta tocotrienol. As increasing information has become available about these forms of vitamin E, more and more of them are understood to have unique functions.

How it Functions
What is the function of vitamin E?
Prevention of oxidative stress
Although humans must breathe oxygen to stay alive, oxygen is a risky substance inside the body because it can make molecules overly reactive. When oxygen-containing molecules become too reactive, they can start damaging the cell structures around them. In chemistry, this imbalanced situation involving oxygen is called oxidative stress.
Vitamin E helps prevent oxidative stress by working together with a group of nutrients that prevent oxygen molecules from becoming too reactive. This group of nutrients includes vitamin C, glutathione, selenium, and vitamin B3. Some researchers believe that vitamin E is the most important member of this oxidative stress-preventing group.
Supporting healthy skin
Vitamin E has sometimes been described as the "lightening rod" of the cell, allowing reactive molecules to strike the cell, like lightening, without causing damage. This "lightening rod" function of vitamin E is particularly apparent in the case of the skin, since vitamin E directly protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation (also called UV light). In numerous research studies, vitamin E applied topically to the skin has been shown to prevent UV damage. When the diet contains vitamin E-rich foods, vitamin E can travel to the skin cell membranes and exert this same protective effect.
Protection against Bladder Cancer
One of the benefits of making foods rich in vitamin E—nuts, seeds, spinach, mustard greens, peppers and olive oil—a part of your healthy way of eating is an up to 50% reduction in risk of developing bladder cancer, according to research presented at the annual meeting of the American Association of Cancer Research, Orlando, FL, May 23, 2004.
Bladder cancer, which kills 12,500 Americans annually, is the fourth leading cancer killer among men, and is four times more common in men than women. The study, which included 468 bladder cancer patients and 534 cancer-free controls drawn from residents of Houston, TX, collected data using eating habits questionnaires. Those whose vitamin E intake was in the top 25% had half as much bladder cancer as those in the lowest 25%.